Nuggets 260 – Zippers Down 4

Nuggets 260 - Zippers Down

This is a picture taken at the Kansas State Fair sometime in the 1950’s.

This is a graunchy mix that is best played loud.

Mike, have a listen to the Family Plann track.

Happy birthday Danny.

Not all the songs are up yet; Grooveshark is not co-operating.

A playable playlist follows, or click on through to listen online.



Nuggets 229 – Zippers Down 3

Kinda garagy and bluesy, some surf guitar and then a long song about Jesus as a youth from the Feeling of Love.

You have to love the promo shot of Bare Wires. A dang shame that they broke up.

Nuggets 229 - Zippers Down 3

Nuggets 229 – Zippers down 3 by Paul on Grooveshark