Nuggets 229 – Zippers Down 3

Kinda garagy and bluesy, some surf guitar and then a long song about Jesus as a youth from the Feeling of Love.

You have to love the promo shot of Bare Wires. A dang shame that they broke up.

Nuggets 229 - Zippers Down 3

Nuggets 229 – Zippers down 3 by Paul on Grooveshark

Nuggets 195 – lofi and twangy

I am a man of simple tastes. Twangy guitars is one. Here is a twangy collection that would gladden Duane Eddy’s heart. I am hoping to catch up with some of the bands at SXSW, in particular Beach Fossils, TV Torso, The Twerps and (can’t wait…) The Wedding Present. I almost added some Associates, but that’s a different kind of twang. Instead we get St Christopher, a fellow Scottish band off a Sarah Records compilation.

(reads up on The Associates) Curious, I didn’t know that Robert Smith did backing vocals with MacKenzie on The Affectionate Punch.

Almost all tracks up.

Nuggets 195 - lofi and twangy