Nuggets 236 – Chug chug 5

Another ‘movin’ along’ mix featuring the usual suspects. I made this for friends who planned a road trip after getting married. The cover picture is one I took while in San Francisco last year. It’s the stairwell of  the fort under the bridge. The fort is very photogenic, a great spot to take wedding photos.

The Amazing start the playlist. Great tune, they are Swedish. The High Highs are from Brooklyn while Russian Red is the band headed by Lourdes Hernández who hails from Spain.

There you go, around the world in three songs.

In the video below James Vincent McMorrow looks uncannily like Charles Manson…

Nuggets 236 - Chug chug 4

Nuggets 236 – Chug Chug 4 by Paul on Grooveshark

Nuggets 195 – lofi and twangy

I am a man of simple tastes. Twangy guitars is one. Here is a twangy collection that would gladden Duane Eddy’s heart. I am hoping to catch up with some of the bands at SXSW, in particular Beach Fossils, TV Torso, The Twerps and (can’t wait…) The Wedding Present. I almost added some Associates, but that’s a different kind of twang. Instead we get St Christopher, a fellow Scottish band off a Sarah Records compilation.

(reads up on The Associates) Curious, I didn’t know that Robert Smith did backing vocals with MacKenzie on The Affectionate Punch.

Almost all tracks up.

Nuggets 195 - lofi and twangy