Nuggets 220 – LoFi

Nuggets 220 - LoFi

An oldie but a goodie. Looking forward seeing Japandoids again next month. They were rubbish at Laneways but I live in hope.

What I am watching tonight…

Back in the USA its last night, and the Smith Westerns are about to play the Coachella music festival in Indio California. At the moment New Order are on stage playing Atmosphere as an encore. Live on Youtube of course.

Gigging without leaving your lounge, it is more enjoyable than you might think.

coachella live live

All apropos because I am thinking of going to a gig on Thursday. Some of the Christchurch band, T54, have morphed into

It’s a groovy jangly sound and someone from the band (Joe??) even messaged me on Facebook to invite me along. Russell Brown and I have both sent them some hard earned cash. I am keen to make the effort on a school night but for one thing, they are playing the Whammy Bar for christsakes. This is a subterranean dive on K road. Terrible acoustics, average beer and the bands tend to play late. There are three bands on the bill. Can I be arsed?