Beach Fossils live

Beach Fossils played last night at the Kings Arms. The singer, Dustin entertained with wisecracks in his nasally Brooklyn  accent and the group was very tight. Love those chiming guitars.

I could contrast the storm outside, the fire in these guys bellies and the subdued audience, but I won’t. Enough to say it was a miserable Tuesday night and band gave their all. Lets hope they come back when the sun is out!

beach fossils at KA

Flying Nun sent Surf Friends and Street Chant along in support. Street Chant a pleasure as always. Surf Friends looked a bit lonely without their usual vocal dancey supporters.

I, and my less youthful than we used to be friends appreciated the prompt start to the gig. Thanks Kings Arms.

Here is the set list and below that a playlist with the songs in the same order (live versions where available). If the playable playlist doesn’t work on your PC / mobile / tablet or whatever, try the link that follows.


beach fossils playlist