Nuggets 241 – C&W 11

Nuggets 241 - C&W 11

Making mixes is getting unnecessarily difficult. See the above cover for instance. The picture is warped to billio because the software I use, Nero, is playing up. Elsewhere my main PC had its new SSD drive fail, etc. etc. Grrrrr.

In a happier place the mixes are flowing, but just not to the web. Bingo Trappers are an excellent Dutch alt country band, Beachwood Sparks riff on that Flying Burrito Brothers sound while Dylan LeBlanc has a quiet turn of phrase that I find charming.  Courtney Barnett visited recently and by all reports she put on a good show. Mogwai are coming next year. You may recognise the Handsome Family track as it was featured in the True Detective TV series.

Sit close to the screen for a healthy dose of alt country. Take it away Calexico.

There should be a playable playlist below, or try this link.!/playlist/Nuggets+241+C+W+11/99102662

Nuggets 241 – C + W 11 by Paul on Grooveshark


Beachwood Sparks

Beachwood Sparks - No Queremos Oro

Sin City

Boca Chica – Sin City


The Flatlanders - Stars in My Life - Live in Lubbock

Deer Tick

Deer Tick 2-28-2008 The Ghost 6/14

Mogwai (a different track from the same album…)

Dylan LeBlanc

Dylan LeBlanc performs "Changing of the Seasons" for The Line of Best Fit


Grant Lee Phillips

Grant-Lee Phillips Plays "Buried Treasure" Live on Soundcheck

First Aid Kit

FIRST AID KIT | Emmylou - Live @ The Workmans Club, Dublin.


Tristen - Matchstick Murder

Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett performs Avant Gardener in the BBC Music Tepee at Glastonbury 2014

The Handsome Family

The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road

Duncan McKnight

True Detective at the Oscars….

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Nuggets 227– Chug Chug 3

This mix is like Nuggets 225 but with a bit more beat. The last track is the Brian Jonestown Massacre off their latest album -  Aufheben. There is a fascinating “fly on the wall” video at the end of this post as Anton Newcombe mixes the track.

I posted some bandcamp widgets for the bands in this mix who are on bandcamp. If you like the tunes, then why not buy them direct from the artists?

Nuggets 227 - Chug chug 3

Nuggets 227 chug 3 by Paul on Grooveshark

Great Lake Swimmers - The Chorus In The Underground [Official Music Video]
DEAD TV: The making of "Panic in Babylon", 2 Dec 2011 PART 1

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