Nuggets 260 – Zippers Down 4

Nuggets 260 - Zippers Down

This is a picture taken at the Kansas State Fair sometime in the 1950’s.

This is a graunchy mix that is best played loud.

Mike, have a listen to the Family Plann track.

Happy birthday Danny.

Not all the songs are up yet; Grooveshark is not co-operating.

A playable playlist follows, or click on through to listen online.



Nuggets 262 – Chug Chug 7

Nuggets 262 - Chug Chug 7

Chug chug chug.

The pic is Anthony Perkins and Audrey Hepburn from Green Mansions. It’s a terrible film . << visit here if there is no playlist below

This mix gets off to a cracking start with an excellent track from D. Vassalotti, then a recently released but old track from The Love Language before the keyboards of Polica start up.

Crystal Stilts have another album out. As you can hear in the interview below, they have taken their time. I love that dreamy jangly sound even though they can be a bit bloodless.

Bingo Trappers is an established Dutch lo-fi band. Manual for a Safe Trip is an excellent track. It’s taken from their 2001 album Juanita. Here it is on Spotify.

And here is their current album.


Cool Running

This is one of my favourite tracks of all time…

Crystal Stilts


Family Portrait

White Fence

White Fence, “Get That Heart” from Impose on Vimeo.