Nuggets 271 – Chug Chug 8

Nuggets 271 - chug chug 8

A summer chug chug mix. Day Ravies played the other day in town. Far too late for me.

A playable playlist should magically appear below. If no magic, try the following link.

Nuggets 271– Chug Chug by Paul on Grooveshark

Gap Dream – Feast of the First Morning @ BURGERSTOCK #1 3/15/12. Trailer Space Records – Austin, TX. from Corey Gorgeous on Vimeo

Nuggets 252 – Psych

Nuggets 252 - Pysch

This is Sky Saxon from The Seeds. Ya gotta love the bead chandelier in his car.

Psychic Ills play Red Eyed Fly below, a great Austin bar.