Nuggets 271 – Chug Chug 8

Nuggets 271 - chug chug 8

A summer chug chug mix. Day Ravies played the other day in town. Far too late for me.

A playable playlist should magically appear below. If no magic, try the following link.

Nuggets 271– Chug Chug by Paul on Grooveshark

Gap Dream – Feast of the First Morning @ BURGERSTOCK #1 3/15/12. Trailer Space Records – Austin, TX. from Corey Gorgeous on Vimeo

Nuggets 182 – Thrashy / Shoegazey

Shoegaze (and here), aka The Scene That Celebrates Itself is that lovely droney sound I associate with My Bloody Valentine  and Loveless. Faded in the UK when BritPop swept in, but lives on, particularly in the US. Recent shoegaze goes under the ungainly nugaze moniker.

Reading the blogs, San Francisco looks like a hot bed of shoegazey goodness. Bands I recognise from previous mix’s such as Film School, Tamaryn (a kiwi), Young Prisms, Weekend, The Soft Moon, Whirr (formerly Whirl), LSD and the Search for God, Collider, Girls, oOoOO, Henry’s Dress and The Brian Jonestown Massacre count / counted SF as their home.  San Fran shoegazers even have their own website and ran three Cool Waves Festivals.

Here is a mix with shoegaze tinged tunes.


Nuggets 182 - Thrashy  Shoe-gazey web

True Widow (and here). Sometimes I wonder whether I should keep up my Emusic subscription. I hear a band I like, head over to Emusic to download the album only to find that the band isn’t there, or the label isn’t available in NZ. Bandcamp is only a click away and there the music is only a few dollars or is free. Emusic came through with this slowcore band (although they term their art stonegaze). Thick sounding guitars chug chug chug in languid jangly style. Excellent.


Mood Rings wistful. Their EP is free here.

Pia Fraus – Estonian shoegaze, yeah!

Pia Fraus

Milk Music Grungy Dinosaur jnr. / Wipers influenced band that has put out a series of 12 inch singles. Thick grungy tunes. Great. From Washington.


Reading Rainbow, LoFi duo from Philadelphia. Wistful.


A Grave with No Name. I thought this was an established band of muso’s, but it’s a solo effort from a London guy who calls up other musicians as necessary. Great base line. Nice mug shot boys.


Henry’s Dress (and here and interview) – defunct band from the 1990’s and Peel favourites


Siesta on Sunday are from 毛呂山町 so I am guessing that they are Japanese. Their tunes are free here. This song is fab, ultimate shoegaze. Not so enamoured of the tunes when the singer is nearer the top of the mix.

Colleen Green her tunes free here.


Las Robertas Costa Rican all girl band, garage sound with some northern soul.


Wooden Shjips No intro required. Psychedelia with a Krautrock bent.


Whirl / Whirr


Nearly all tracks up now. Made some changes… pushed some tracks into the next LoFi mix.