Nuggets 271 – Chug Chug 8

Nuggets 271 - chug chug 8

A summer chug chug mix. Day Ravies played the other day in town. Far too late for me.

A playable playlist should magically appear below. If no magic, try the following link.

Nuggets 271– Chug Chug by Paul on Grooveshark

Gap Dream – Feast of the First Morning @ BURGERSTOCK #1 3/15/12. Trailer Space Records – Austin, TX. from Corey Gorgeous on Vimeo

Not music – The Leveson Inquiry

Watching the powerful and corrupt getting grilled is entertaining and the Leveson inquiry offers all that and more. It is reality TV of the highest order.

The legal team assisting Leveson is doing a good job of exposing the hypocrisy / corruption, but to complete the drama the inquiry needs a kick arse sound track.

Here’s track one – The Fall – Telephone Thing from Extricate. Any other suggestions?

Track two – De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring (thanks William)