Nuggets 206 – Morning Voices & SXSW Day Whatever

I haven’t managed to blog to the end of my SXSW jaunt yet. The days are starting to merge in a colourful swirl of music and burritos. While making mixes I get flashbacks (to the bands that is, not so much the burritos) when I recognise a band.

Here’s Tashaki Miyaki. Before seeing them playing I had assumed that they were from Japan, but no, they are from LA with a female drummer on vocals. A Jesus and Mary Chain sound, wonderful.

Tashaki Miyaki at SXSW 2012

Tashaki Miyaki at SXSW 2012Tashaki Miyaki at SXSW 2012

Nuggets 206 - Morning Voices - Twiggy!

nuggets 206 morning by Paul on Grooveshark

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Nuggets 99 – Girls 3 (redux)

This mix lacked a bit of oomph, so I stripped out the yé-yé pop and some of the softer numbers, et voilà.

We don’t seem to have many all girl / woman rock bands in NZ, I mean 4 on the floor hard rock, as opposed to soft rock like When the Cats Away. Instead we blighted the world with the Popstars and, gulp, Truebliss (although a Kiwi was responsible for an all girl band that recorded as the New Runaways and I haven’t forgotten Look Blue Go Purple but they were more Cure than Ramones)

Anyways, I wonder why this is so in a country that promotes women so strongly. Perhaps its the lack of role models and hence why most of the rocky all girl bands are from the USA, home of The Runaways and Josie & The Pussycats (or better here)

Here is another girl / girl group focused mix.

The Runaways - Nuggets 99 - Girls 3