Nuggets 212 – Louder

Nuggets 212 - Louder

Louder than what you may ask. Well, louder than most recent mixes.  th’ faith healers (more here) feature from a bruising Peel session released in 2005 but probably first aired on 24/11/1991. Don’t you love that 90’s sound?

Peel session

Toy are a young band from England (London?) with krautrock sensibilities (and thin legs).


If you can wait till 10 September you can buy their album.

Nuggets 212 Loud by Paul on Grooveshark


The TV Torso album is great, and you can get it here paying whatever you think they deserve…

Ditto the fab Black Tambourines

SXSW day Three – Thursday 15 March – Part One

Another late start. I went first to the Hype Machine party first  (and not just because of the free beer and burritos).


Hype Hotel I missed Jimmy Cliff and Korallreven but Lee Fields and the Expressions were getting ready to go on. I stood by Mr Fields at the side of the stage while his band started up. A bunch of younger guys, very tight and very funky. He had jeans on and shuffled around getting hyped up before bouncing onto the stage. It was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon but he was really into his performance, talking to the audience and razing up his band. A great show.

Lee Fields and the Expression

Lee Fields and the Expression

Next up, Bass Drums of Death, 2 guitars and a drummer. They were tight and noisey – excellent.

Bass Drums of Death

fans Next Youth Lagoon, the poster boy of the bedroom music scene. He was chatty and very boy next doorish. I like his sound, squeaky voice and all.Youth Lagoon

Next I headed over to Latitude and the Brit party. The beer was cold (and free) and there was food. I had meant to go on to the NZ party but I felt my will weakening.


The New Zealand party

Eventually my conscience got the best of me and I wondered over with a crowd from Latitude, they were keen to try some New Zealand wines. Outside the wine flowed freely while inside a big white tent a PI rapper tried to cope with taped backing music. I wandered off…


As always, I found it difficult to know where to spend the evening – The Pitchforth party with Heartless Bastards, Peaking Lights, Lower Dens and Japanoids?, The Fader Fort with Big Krit, Gary Clark Jnr, Teenage Fantasy and Zola Jesus, The ‘East of England’ night at Latitude with a mass of bands I had not heard of, The Shins across town with M Ward, the Black Angels, Grimes, Purity Ring, Com Truise, Crystal Antlers, Titus Andronicus with Jesus and the Mary Chain ??? Choices, choices…

I wondered around soaking up the madness while I decided.






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