Nuggets 206 – Morning Voices & SXSW Day Whatever

I haven’t managed to blog to the end of my SXSW jaunt yet. The days are starting to merge in a colourful swirl of music and burritos. While making mixes I get flashbacks (to the bands that is, not so much the burritos) when I recognise a band.

Here’s Tashaki Miyaki. Before seeing them playing I had assumed that they were from Japan, but no, they are from LA with a female drummer on vocals. A Jesus and Mary Chain sound, wonderful.

Tashaki Miyaki at SXSW 2012

Tashaki Miyaki at SXSW 2012Tashaki Miyaki at SXSW 2012

Nuggets 206 - Morning Voices - Twiggy!

nuggets 206 morning by Paul on Grooveshark

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