Nuggets 217 – LoFi & Jangly

Nuggets 217 - LoFi and Jangly


This is one of my favourite mixes, and now it can be yours too. I particularly like the last Silo Halo track, a girl / boy duet with spidery jangly guitars over the top, and the two tracks from Browns.

Lucy from Tashaki Miyaki is on the cover. They were v. good at SXSW.

The playlist below is still missing a few tracks…


Nuggets 217 – Jangly by Paul on Grooveshark

Nuggets 166 – LoFi – Girls in love

Nuggets 166 - LoFi

A work in progress.. Not all tunes playable yetAll tracks now on line. This mix is to go with a more shoegazey girl one. More soon.