SXSW day one part two (updated with pictures)

It’s hot.

I queued for a while in the sun to get a wristband for the hype machine gig tonight then hit the trade stands back at SXSW central. It was cool and I got to meet up with the companies that make my blog work.


back at the conference

I chatted to a Swedish gal here to perform and tour. She gave me a cd and I reciprocated with a cd from my nephew’s band.

Band time and I paid a start up kid to bike me to an outdoor gig down the road. I arrived as yellow ostrich finished and x ray eye balls were just starting. Nice spot with families sunning themselves and crème brulee.

Big Deal played at the end.



Big Deal

Big Deal. They did their cover of Thirteen.


Nuggets 172 – LoFi

Nuggets 172 - LoFi cover


Not all tunes up yet…. They are here!

Watched the new Creation Records doco last nite and hence the Felt and Teenage Fanclub tracks.  Alan McGee did an awesome quantity of drugs.


More soon