Nuggets 172 – LoFi

Nuggets 172 - LoFi cover


Not all tunes up yet…. They are here!

Watched the new Creation Records doco last nite and hence the Felt and Teenage Fanclub tracks.  Alan McGee did an awesome quantity of drugs.


More soon

my first post – Nuggets 146a

Nuggets 146a - LoFi

Noodling, thrashy and slightly psychedelic.

My first post. I just finished Nuggets 146a – it’s a lowfi one with bits of everything. Not too sure about the cover, it’s Peel for godsake. A bit clichéd. C’est la vie, Peel hasn’t featured before and this is number 146 (or rather 146a). It’s no festive 50 (which, spookily, continues), but its great.

Why 146a? Well, I usually get down to a shortlist of about 30 to 40 tunes, and thin them down to 24/25. That is all you can fit on a cd. This time round I ended up with about 40 good songs, and I thought that I would shoot for the moon and make 2 cds…