my first post – Nuggets 146a

Nuggets 146a - LoFi

Noodling, thrashy and slightly psychedelic.

My first post. I just finished Nuggets 146a – it’s a lowfi one with bits of everything. Not too sure about the cover, it’s Peel for godsake. A bit clichéd. C’est la vie, Peel hasn’t featured before and this is number 146 (or rather 146a). It’s no festive 50 (which, spookily, continues), but its great.

Why 146a? Well, I usually get down to a shortlist of about 30 to 40 tunes, and thin them down to 24/25. That is all you can fit on a cd. This time round I ended up with about 40 good songs, and I thought that I would shoot for the moon and make 2 cds…