Nuggets 215 – Zippers Down

Nuggets 215 - Zippers down

Getting through the back catalogue … The picture is of Brian of course. I haven’t seen the film, and judging by the trailer, I won’t.

Nearly all the songs up. I added some originals of the covers in the mix at the end…

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Nuggets 218 – Zippers Down 2

Nuggets 218 - Zippers down 2

Gnarly nuggets. Another late night favourite. Dave Davies from the Kinks is on the cover. I am trying to track down the doco on him by Julian Temple. (update, you can watch part one below, or the whole shebang here)

The Ravonettes cover The Stone Roses. I remember this song as the sound of summer 1990 in London when I was knocking around in Clapham. There is apparently a new doco out about the ‘Roses, although the reviews are underwhelming


Sorry Dave.