Nuggets 187 – Driving Electro 4

Loving Future Islands (and here) and the side project of the synth player (Gerrit Welmers) – Moss of Aura, John Maus (also here) and Silk Flowers (and here). NB, the Belinda Butchers have appropriated the name of the singer from My Bloody Valentine, but it’s not her.

Tunes on the way here.

Nuggets 187 - Driving Electro

Nuggets 187 – Driving Electro 4 by Paul on Grooveshark

Moss of Aura Moss Of Aura

  Moss of Aura Moss of Aura


 John Maus - We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves

regret, love, guilt, dreams Cover Art


Islands Cover Art

Nuggets 184 – Ambient

Ambient music = music that is "actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener", and that exists on the "cusp between melody and texture" sez Brian Eno. Not sure if all these tracks fit the bill. They do what I wanted however, which is to provide a backdrop for when I am working at my desk. I have included Grouper, some rinky tink tink keyboards, mellower krautrock from Wolfgang Reichmann, Cluster and others with some kompakt goodness at the end from Gui Boratto

PS, visit this interweb gem for definitions of slang from the past, i.e. rinky-dink (now worn out, cheap) and feisty (now  lively, determined, and courageous)

No cover yet. Here’s some Len Lye in the meantime with Free Radicals.


More Len – The Colour Box. Used by the BPO to sell stamps.