Nuggets 268 – Zippers Down 5

Nuggets 268 - Zippers down 5 web

Goodbye. I was fan.

On a cheerier note the Californian band, The Growlers, are playing the Kings Arms on 13 March. Funnily enough I was listening to the band’s music over Christmas. At a party a friend asked me to name the best band that I had heard recently, and the answer was “The Growlers”.

The tracks on this mix, and the following video’s, will give you a feel for the band. I like the song writing and the voice of the lead singer. They remind me of the Violent Femmes.

The Growlers would probably go down better at a pub by the beach on a hot summers day, but the Kings Arms it will have to be.

Keeping The Growlers company on this mix are some of the usual suspects – Arthur Alexander,  Jim Sullivan,  King Khan, Spectrals, The Greenhornes, The Replacements and The Seeds, along with some bands that are new –  Bill Wilson, Fly Golden Eagle, Freddie Scott, Pangea and The Orwells…

A playable playlist should automagically appear below, or, if not , click the link instead….

Nuggets 163 – Country + Western 5

New alt country from the Fleet Foxes, a track from the new Feelies album (yeah) and some vrai country towards the end. As is common with country, lots of cheating going down.

Not all the tunes up just yet.. All tunes here now, including The Rev Gates and his congregation berating the midnight ramblers. Worth a listen.

Its encouraging (to me) to see so many obese, hairy guys making wonderful music…

Fleet Foxes

The Acre

Cotton Jones

Jack Rose (RIP)