Nuggets 316 – Covers IX

Wanda Jackson

Reasons to love a cover;

  • It is a fresh version of a song that you already like;
  • It is a song by one of your favourite artists covering a song that you haven’t heard before.

Another mix of covers follows. You will notice a change in the music player. Problems, problems… Click away and you will figure out what to do.

I am particularly fond of the Juliana Hatfield cover of the Olivier Newton John song. She has turned it into a real banger.

The Bennie & The Jets cover is also fab.

Looking forward to seeing Teenage Fanclub when they play next year.

Nuggets 186 – Country + Western 8

Music soon. This photo is from 1912. They seem so composed.

Nuggets 186 - Country   Western 8 web