Nuggets 213 – C + W – 9

Nuggets 213 - Country +  Western 9

Been down south again. I played this mix for my sister as we drove around rounding up family members for a birthday party. When The Flying Burrito Brothers came on I told her the name of the band. That’s the name of a restaurant isn’t it she said? She was right, we drove by the restaurant a few minutes later.

Many of these tunes are live recordings. I was impressed that Grooveshark had all the tracks I wanted in the versions I wanted, particularly the demo version of the VU track.

Nuggets 213 – C&W 9 by Paul on Grooveshark

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Nuggets 205 – Chug, chug, chug

Nuggets 205 - chug chug chug - can you see the surfers?

Another road trip to Hamilton. I had new music from A.A. Bondy, Sennen, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, La Sera, Beach House and others to listen to. I caught on to a 2/4 chugging vibe among some of the tracks, and hence this chug, chug mix.

Huntlly Power Station

I had coffee by the banks of the mighty Waikato, and then holed up in a hotel all day mediating….

Sennen - Lost Harmony

Heading down country I listened to Sennen and their new album, Lost Harmony. They are English (Norwich) and make serious guitar driven music; a touch shoegaze, a touch folk with some Can influences. I enjoyed most of the tracks. Wonderful.

A.A. Bondy - Believers

Heading back I listened to A.A. Bondy and his latest album – Believers. I enjoyed his first album, American Hearts, and I was looking forward to this 2011 release. It’s an excellent album with the guitar and voice up front, clean sounding but not over produced. Kinda alt-country late night’ish with an indie sensibility and krautrocky tendencies. I don’t often like a whole album, but here I enjoyed every track. Perfect for my trip home in the dark.

Some more tracks (live)

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben

Aufheben from the Brian Jonestown Massacre was an unexpected treat. I haven’t listened to a whole album from this band before. I enjoyed the documentary, DIG!, covering their rivalry with The Dandy Warhols where they were portrayed as total wasters – particularly main man Anton Newcombe. I approached the album with no expectations and enjoyed every track. Whimsical psychedelia.

All going well, a playable track listing follows…

Nuggets 205 – chug chug by Paul on Grooveshark


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