Nuggets 268 – Zippers Down 5

Nuggets 268 - Zippers down 5 web

Goodbye. I was fan.

On a cheerier note the Californian band, The Growlers, are playing the Kings Arms on 13 March. Funnily enough I was listening to the band’s music over Christmas. At a party a friend asked me to name the best band that I had heard recently, and the answer was “The Growlers”.

The tracks on this mix, and the following video’s, will give you a feel for the band. I like the song writing and the voice of the lead singer. They remind me of the Violent Femmes.

The Growlers would probably go down better at a pub by the beach on a hot summers day, but the Kings Arms it will have to be.

Keeping The Growlers company on this mix are some of the usual suspects – Arthur Alexander,  Jim Sullivan,  King Khan, Spectrals, The Greenhornes, The Replacements and The Seeds, along with some bands that are new –  Bill Wilson, Fly Golden Eagle, Freddie Scott, Pangea and The Orwells…

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