Nuggets 230 – LoFi And Psychedelic

Nuggets 230 - Lofi and pyschedelic

Nuggets 230 – Pyschedelic by Paul on Grooveshark


I’m not sure how to define psychedelic music but these tracks definitely have that OTT psychedelic edge. I place the genre just to the left of prog rock; long tracks with complicated structures. This mix includes some old Japanese psychedelia from Chen Shinki, some (more) Psychic Ills and tracks from the fabulous new Tame Impala album, Lonerism. There’s a blinder of a track from The Janitors, excellent tracks from Woods (not the latest album, but an earlier EP), Woodsman, and three tracks from Sri Aurobindo. Japandroids feature playing a live set from their first album, and there are tracks from Free Electric State. the latest from the Fresh & Onlys and Rob.

The mix finishes with Shane Carter et al broadcasting from a LA radio station in 1989 when promoting their (then) new album, Hail. Love the shoutout to their fellow Kiwi’s lost someone in the big city. The recording was made on 21 October 1989. 23 years ago today, Goooooood grief.

Lets get started off with a track from a French band, The Vietnam Veterans with their cover of The Days of Pearly Spencer. Often covered (e.g. Marc Almond) this version is a cracker.

I am struggling to put up a playable playlist. Grooveshark is revamping its UI and I am baffled. Their Android client on my mobile is easier to use. Hmmm

PS, buy the new Tame Impala album, it’s excellent. Similarly Sri Aurobindo and The Janitors.

 Tame Impala

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