Nuggets 248 – Post Mod

Nuggets 248 - Postmodern

Post Modern. Out with 3 minute pop, let’s try some longer tunes. The Cmn ineed yr track is excellent.

65daysofstatic are offering their back catalogue for $100.  Tempted.

I  am sure there is a link between the difficulties that prog rockers have in attracting female followers, the absence of female singers and the use of taped vocals. I recall an interview in the recent BBC doco about prog rock where a prog rock band lamented their lack of female fans. I can’t find it now and I am sure its on this blog! When I track it down I will post it.

I not sure where the practice of havingbandnameswithoutspaces came from.

If no playable tracklist appears below, you know what to do.!/playlist/Nuggets+248+Post+Mod/95527098
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