Nuggets 274 – PostModTwo

Nuggets 274 - Postmodern 2

I struggle to define what Postmodern music is. I associate the genre with longer tunes, mainly instrumental and more jazz like than, say, Prog or Psychedelic. In spite of my conceptual difficulties, here is a whole mix of tunes with a postmodern vibe.

A playable playlist follows, or try this link to Grooveshark…

Nuggets 274 – Postmodern 2 by Paul on Grooveshark

Public Service Broadcast – 3 clips here… Post modern in all the senses. This band played at the recent Womad festival in New Plymouth. They would have been magnificent playing on the pond stage. Their latest album recycles space travel themed audio. Watch them play and be interviewed on KEXP if you want to find out more (it’s the third clip)

Chasing Rainbows from Epic, a 2012 collaboration between Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk, two German producers of note.

Listen to the whole album below…

Remurdered from Mogwai’s 2014 album – Rave Tapes . I saw Mogwai recently. Very loud. Nothing else to add. Did I mention that they were very loud?

Eat the City Eat It Whole by …And so i Watch You From Afar, the last track from their self titled album of 2009.  Instrumental rock with lots of sonic variety.

Anchoress by Polvo from their 2013 album, Siberia. I can’t find any clips of this tune, but here’s a clip to give you the vibe of this 1990’s band which recently started playing live again.

Last time this time last year by Maybeshewill from their 2009 album, Sing the Word Hope in Four-part Harmony

Save me from the Cyclops by Robert Savage from The Adventures of Robert Savage Vol.1. This is an obscure band from the 1970’s and no, there wasn’t a volume 2. I am probably tipping over into Prog, so what.

Darker My Love – Blue Day from the album 2 (2008)

Cousin – Tension at the Lido from And Other Relations EP (2011) from Brighton (UK, not Dunedin)

The Electronic Hole – Love Will Find A Way (part 3) from The Electronic Hole – The Electronic Hole (1970). Another obscure band.
Electronic Hole

Early Morning by The Collectors from Grass and Wild Strawberries (1969). Ditto

The Collectors

– All That’s Left Has Gone To Sleep from Abyssal (2008). Japanese noise merchants. Move over Mono. Different song follows, but you get the idea.

Scouter – Broken Scouter from Scouter (2011) (Boston, Massachusetts)

Hella – Netgear from Tripper (2011) (Sacramento, USA)

No video of this song, but check out the most excellent drumming

And this what they look like live.

Nuggets 248 – Post Mod

Nuggets 248 - Postmodern

Post Modern. Out with 3 minute pop, let’s try some longer tunes. The Cmn ineed yr track is excellent.

65daysofstatic are offering their back catalogue for $100.  Tempted.

I  am sure there is a link between the difficulties that prog rockers have in attracting female followers, the absence of female singers and the use of taped vocals. I recall an interview in the recent BBC doco about prog rock where a prog rock band lamented their lack of female fans. I can’t find it now and I am sure its on this blog! When I track it down I will post it.

I not sure where the practice of havingbandnameswithoutspaces came from.

If no playable tracklist appears below, you know what to do.!/playlist/Nuggets+248+Post+Mod/95527098