Nuggets 226a – Thrashy

Nuggets 226a - thrashy


Live thrash is good. Until someone thrashy comes to town worth hearing  (T54 ?) this mix will have to do.

The Thermal’s new album continues their old testament crime and punishment theme.  Katie Crutchfield from P.S Eliott shows why screaming in tune is so rewarding, and F***ed Up show us just how much breath you need to sing in a hard core punk band (though eclipsed by Jon Chang of Hayaino Daisuki who has an extraordinary ability to keep the screaming going).

I am really enjoying the Milk Music album (at long last), the latest from The Thermals and GRMLN.

Videos below, including, if I can get my act together, my lame effort from SXSW 2012 showing me heading into the Twilight Sad after eating too many burritos, crashing The Guards and catching a ride on a pedicab (a bike taxi) to see Built to Spill. Crank up the quality and enjoy it in hi-res.

PS, I applaud the photographer who persevered and filmed the F***ed Up clip below amid total chaos, bravo. This band I must see live.


Nuggets 193 – Lofi and thrashy + Laneways

Laneways was hot and crowded, a bad place to find a beer in a hurry. Girls, Yuck  and the Horrors were worth the wait. A friend said that that the line-up was a bit indie wimpy and I agree. More thrash next time please. How about Royal Headache and Total Control from Australia, the Screaming Females,  Milk Music and The Men  from the USA, the UK’s Black Tambourines and Christchurch’s gift from the rock gods, the T54’s? If you need some alt wimpy, give us TV Girl.

Nuggets 193 - lofi and thrashy web


PS, run do not walk to your PC and download this Black Tambourines EP. It’s free. I almost took out some other tracks to make way for more of their excellent thrash. It’s that good.

The picture is of course from UFO. I can’t work out which SHADOW operative this was, but she’s not the one that later married Michael Caine.

Meanwhile, back at Laneways, here are The Horrors…