Nuggets 161 – electro rock & the death of the cd

Nuggets 161 - electro rock web

CD’s are dead. I have lived through the death of records, yep, 7 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch varieties, cassette tapes / DAT / and 8 track cassettes. All gone or going. Music has cast off all physical constraints and leaked out into the ether. Its in the cloud(s) now.

I present the impossible mix. Impossible, why? Why because its 97 minutes and 2 seconds long. 15 minutes too long to burn to a CD. I have been making all these mixes CD length. It’s a good discipline as it forces me to cut out the duds, the tracks that are only so so. I cheat sometimes, I cut off the ends of songs, I cross fade. But come 81 minutes and 30 seconds most CDR’s give up the ghost, you get a ‘bad burn’, a disk that probably won’t play in a CD player.

No more!