Nuggets 93 – Morning Voices

“..and don’t send me any of that wimpy stuff.” So I didn’t.

I get lost on Bandcamp and here is what I found…

Cover and tunes on the way.


First up Motopony from Seattle, a one man band that recently got bigger and now make hard-soul/glitch-folk indie-rock. Great video and love the song. No so sure about the rabbit (?) fur jacket.



Little Scout practice dreampop from Melbourne.

 Little Scout


Buy Yung Life from his bandcamp page, or download it for free. His bedroom experimental music comes to you from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Youth's Hours


Acid Flashback have no existence apart from the playlist on their Myspace page.

I Love Your Magic


Neat Beats can be found on Bandcamp where they peddle their wonky trip-hop. They hail from San Diego. Buy their music in bits and bytes or in vinyl.

Neat Beats


Korea in the Space, yeah, naff name and very unhelpful team photo. From Pittsburgh. This track and others free on bandcamp if you like their twitchy lofi.

Korea in Space


Klaus Von Barrel, aka Die Jungen – hails from Southampton. This does little to explain the name, or the photo below… Wistful. Free from bandcamp.

Die Jungen

Shimmering Stars make spare yet beaty musak. From Vancouver. Music here on bandcamp.

Shimmering Stars - Violent Hearts


Teen Suicide, not sure where they are from, probably not the London band of the same name. This track from their album, Bad Vibes For Ever – glum.. Free on bandcamp.

bad vibes forever


Deamdate – Anna Hillburg (bass, vocals) and Yea-Ming Chen (guitar, vocals) from Oakland, California. Less wistful, tuneful.



The Handsome Family – serious about their music, or even just serious.


Through the Trees


Steffalo – from LA, has recorded with Blackbird blackbird. Buy her tunes here.

Meet Me in Montauk


J. Irvín Dally – Californian artist. Too talented for his own good. Visit bandcamp for more.

j. irvín dally



Youth Lagoon – ditto.



Nuggets 100 – Chullwave (redux)

Nuggets 100 - ! - Chullwave web

Last time I approached a mixtape anniversary (the 100th),  I decided to make a series of mixes with different themes highlighting what I had come to love over the previous 99.

This is mix remains one of my favourites, the first 7 tracks in particular; dreamy voices lost in the mix. I liken them to electronic versions of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound.

Why chullwave? Well, at the time I made this mix the music wags had yet to decide on a name for the keyboardy electronic sound with processed voices that was becoming popular. Chillwave,  or better chullwave as one Scottish blogger termed it, is / was a term bandied about for this sound.