Nuggets 224 – Troubadours 7

Nuggets 224 - Troubadours 7

Nuggets 224 – Troubadours 7 by Paul on Grooveshark

Now that everyone has a video camera in their ‘phone there is less need to carry your own.

Here, for instance, is a clip with Daniel Johnston playing taken at the Belmont in Austin just before Born to Spill took the stage at SXSW 2012. I was towards the front at the right.  I didn’t record any video but another fan has captured the moment. There are other clips from different angles. Mr Johnston was treated reverentially by the crowd and this song is pretty cool. It was odd seeing him as an older guy. I think of him as the young, awkward boy who first recorded these songs using a crappy mono recorder and accompanying himself on the piano.

Daniel Johnston’s life and his precarious mental health have been well documented, particularly in the Dutch doco, The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

In 1990, Johnston played at a music festival in Austin, Texas. On the way back to West Virginia on a small, private two-seater plane piloted by his father Bill, Johnston had a manic episode believing he was Casper the Friendly Ghost and removed the key from the plane’s ignition and threw it out of the plane. His father, a former Air Force pilot, managed to successfully crash-land the plane, even though “there was nothing down there but trees”. Although the plane was destroyed, Johnston and his father emerged with only minor injuries. As a result of this episode, Johnston was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

On this mix I included a track from The Tallest Man on Earth, an alt country guy from Sweden I have been listening to on and off for a while. He has a distinctive voice and this is the first song of his that I really like.  Ditto Sun Kil Moon as Mark Kozelek’s languid delivery has taken a while to take root. The track from the new Mountain Goats album is excellent. Big Deal present from a session recorded in a church along with  a live session from The Lumineers, There are tracks from The VaselinesBeat Happening, J. Irvin Dally, Edwyn Collins and Joel Alme, an acoustic number from The Jesus & Mary Chain, a thrashier track from Young Jesus, A. A. Bondy, Sam Baker, Holy Sons (and here) and one from Scotland’s finest –  Spaghetti Everywhere.

Nuggets 93 – Morning Voices

“..and don’t send me any of that wimpy stuff.” So I didn’t.

I get lost on Bandcamp and here is what I found…

Cover and tunes on the way.


First up Motopony from Seattle, a one man band that recently got bigger and now make hard-soul/glitch-folk indie-rock. Great video and love the song. No so sure about the rabbit (?) fur jacket.



Little Scout practice dreampop from Melbourne.

 Little Scout


Buy Yung Life from his bandcamp page, or download it for free. His bedroom experimental music comes to you from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Youth's Hours


Acid Flashback have no existence apart from the playlist on their Myspace page.

I Love Your Magic


Neat Beats can be found on Bandcamp where they peddle their wonky trip-hop. They hail from San Diego. Buy their music in bits and bytes or in vinyl.

Neat Beats


Korea in the Space, yeah, naff name and very unhelpful team photo. From Pittsburgh. This track and others free on bandcamp if you like their twitchy lofi.

Korea in Space


Klaus Von Barrel, aka Die Jungen – hails from Southampton. This does little to explain the name, or the photo below… Wistful. Free from bandcamp.

Die Jungen

Shimmering Stars make spare yet beaty musak. From Vancouver. Music here on bandcamp.

Shimmering Stars - Violent Hearts


Teen Suicide, not sure where they are from, probably not the London band of the same name. This track from their album, Bad Vibes For Ever – glum.. Free on bandcamp.

bad vibes forever


Deamdate – Anna Hillburg (bass, vocals) and Yea-Ming Chen (guitar, vocals) from Oakland, California. Less wistful, tuneful.



The Handsome Family – serious about their music, or even just serious.


Through the Trees


Steffalo – from LA, has recorded with Blackbird blackbird. Buy her tunes here.

Meet Me in Montauk


J. Irvín Dally – Californian artist. Too talented for his own good. Visit bandcamp for more.

j. irvín dally



Youth Lagoon – ditto.