Nuggets 89 – Surfs up!

Ross Upchurch (this is not him) was from sunny Wainui Beach. He was (and hopefully still is) a laid back surfer. In the 1980’s he was studying art at Otago University. We took him skiing to Queenstown. I was there when he saw his first snow. Looking up at the Remarkables laced in snow he was overcome. “It’s just like a breaking wave” he said.

My surfing memories involve knee boarding the wild surf at Colac Bay and then struggling to build a fire so we could eat baked beans out of a can. I used to hang out at the Skating Rink at Riverton. At night they blasted loud, distorted Beach Boys tracks and lots of surf guitar into the dark.

I am sure there is a surf film in there somewhere. Here is the soundtrack.

Beach Party

Bubbling waves of noise ==== Weed

Jens Lekman gone troppo == TV Girl

Surf guitar ===== The Belle Peppers

Wannabe Aussie Clean = The Twerps

This year’s best shoegaze === Whirl

Nuggets 89 - LoFi - Surfs Up!

Nuggets 150 – Thrashy


Still noodling around getting the mellower mixes ready. Meantime, here is a mix to play loud, or it will be once I get the tracks into the interweb. Some guitar shredding, some C86 girrl bands, and general loud mayhem.

1) Love Fade (Tamaryn) Kiwi living USA – excellent shoegazey stuff. 

2) Julie K (T54) CHCH band named after a tank. 3) Young Pros (Bass Drum of Death) 2 piece from from Mississippi 4) Year’s Not Long (Male Bonding) shop assistants make music. 5) Into The Depths (Soft Moon) Described in a review as “a San Francisco-based neo-post-punk band

6) The Green Goblin (Weekends) 2 young guys from Baltimore, Maryland, lots of feedback.

7) In Between Buses (Las Robertas) Costa Rican all-girl band. Audience is way too cool…

8) With You Alone (Woven Bones) Garage band / surf rock if you like. From Austin, Texas. 9) Veil (Weekend) & 10) Coma Summer (Weekend) Excellent noise makers from San Fran. These tracks from the album Sports. You can hear a ‘live’ studio mix of Veil here.

11) Throw The Water (Flight) Noisy like the end of the world will be, which coincidentally is the theme of their next song – see track 22. Term their sound “2-step / Death Metal”. Buy tunes here. 12) Teacher (Surf City) Excellent, excellent. Looking fwd to seeing them after they finish touring the colonies, appear to be on their way to Calgary in Canada. 13) Burning Mirrors (Lumerians) Hypno-drone space rock – Can meets Cave meets Black Moth Super Rainbow 14) Marianne (Ceremony) More shoegaze from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

15) Young Throats (Parenthetical Girls) Take their music seriously ‘- “Limited to 500 physical copies per EP, the 12″s will each feature original art by renowned Swedish illustrator Jenny Mörtsell, and will be hand-numbered in the blood of their respective band members…”
Also do improv.

I crossed myself before I crossed your lips

16) Hard Drivin’ (Weed Hounds) There is something beguiling about harsh guitars set against sweet yet snotty female vocals. 17) Still Windmills (Sky Larkin) .. and again.. 18) realize really (Lab Coast) 19) Bitchin’ (Cycle Schmeichel) Bristol band making retro noise.  20) Weekend Dudes (Ringo Deathstarr) BBC thinks they are derivative, do I care…? Seems an odd comment since all rock and roll is mining the same ground. 21) Chips Ahoy! (The Hold Steady) Another track from Boys and Girls in America . Seedy in a good way.

i got a girl and she don’t have to work
she can tell which horse is gonna finish in first
some nights the painkillers make the pain even worse
came in six lengths ahead
we spent the whole next week getting high
i love this girl but i can’t tell when she’s having a good time
how am i supposed to know that you’re high if you won’t let me touch you?

22) Real Estate (Flight) The end of the world, but in a tuneful way.