Nuggets 277 – Girls 6

This is one of my favourite mixes. Sad to report that that there are no videos available for most of the older tracks… You will have to use your imagination.

That’s Della Humphrey in the photo above looking fabulous in the late 1960’s. She features in the last song in this mix ‘ “Don’t Make the Good Girls Go Bad”. There is an interview with Della in the write up below.

Getting Mighty Crowded – Betty Everett

A Whole New Plan – Jo Ann Garrett

What’cha Gonna Do About ItDoris Troy


Oh No Not My BabyMaxine Brown

The Jerk – The Larks

The song of the dance.

Lungomare – Lust For Youth

Holding You Back & Ashes and Embers – The Casket Girls

Named for the French woman brought over to the USA as mail order brides.

The acoustic / piano versions of their songs on the album “Piano’ are excellent. See below.

Lust & Violence + Elliott – Terror Bird


Sister Wife – Alex Winston

Love the voice, but according to this account it is fortunate that she can still sing.

Keep Falling – Summer Camp

More about the band and this album on The Quietus.

The Greater Good – The Leaf Library

The Party – Betty And The Werewolves

1997, Passing In The Hallway – Martha

Dream House – Amanda X

Atop a Cake – Alvvays

Girls XL & Hazardville – Potty Mouth

It All Means Nothing – Screaming Females

Adderall – The Coathangers

Killer Bangs – Honeyblood

Rochelle Rochelle, Earthbound and Loose – Butter The Children

Cry About It – Bad Banana

Longtime fan of everything the Crutchfield twins make. Here is a track from one of their earlier bands. As you can read here they are are all grown up now and have their own bands – Katie as Waxahache and Alison as Swearin’ .

A Common Place – Libyans

Don’t Make The Good Girls Go Bad – Della Humphrey

A classic. Here is the story of Della.

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Nuggets 264 – Driving Electro 12 – Voices

Nuggets 264 - Driving Electro 12

Looking forward to Future Islands at Laneways. I would prefer to see them at a smaller venue.

A playable list of tunes should appear below, failing which try this link…

Nuggets 264 – Driving voices by Paul on Grooveshark

The Radio Dept

Lust for Youth

Harald Grosskopf

Com Truise

Milky Sway and Candy Starlight

Digits Digits – Eight Long Years from Silent Shout on Vimeo.

Porcelain Raft

Future Islands

Harald Grosskopf

Deutsche Wertarbeit Thumb_325_dw_small_promo (pray here and the record may be reprinted)



Mike Simonetti mike simonetti web Italians do it better svengali. Lots of his mixes here.

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