Nuggets 171 – Mushy & Glitchy 3

Nuggets 171 Glitch + Glitchy 3

Waskerly Way all the way. Obviously he likes cats.

Also, more power to railcars as he remakes a classic kate bush album.

I like the track in the mix, not sure if the album justifies all the hype.

purple prose alert

“…strange, heartfelt, and weirdly beautiful.” -Altered Zones

“Watch Kate’s mighty African steed gallop through the grid of Motown acid and jagged megalithic pop that [railcars] has meshed, to soar up and burning Pegasus-phoenix-like into the sky, crash through it and beyond, leaving us earthbound and cowering under a deluge of heavenly fragments, the source of that gigantic drone with which the song closes.” -20JazzFunkGreats

“…drowning among a sea of melted tape and LFO, it’s one of the most convincingly aspirational renderings there’s ever been.” -FADER

“Many have stepped up to the Kate Bush plate, and as many have failed. It seems better to go for broke than keep close to the original, and Jalali is certainly triumphant in doing so.” -RCRD LBL

“The fawning over the greatest Bush that ever lived has hit some high watermarks lately . . . Good timing for railcars, who’s made a monumental ode to the English lady…” -Impose Magazine

Nuggets 140 – Brian – aka, Hey Paul, where are the other Nuggets?

Nuggets 140 - Brian

More Nuggets coming along, here are three two more in the works. Also working on a drum based mix (for Annabelle) and a Reggae mix to go with the excellent BBC series screened recently…

logo for Endless House

Track 2  …

A totally preposterous discotheque

Razvan Effenberg, Suddeutsche Zeitung

‘An obelisk of noise that rose rudely above the treetops of the Bialowieska Forest, the Endless House project shone for a mere six weeks in the spring of 1973. The outlandish brainchild of wealthy audiophile/maniac Jiri Kantor, its stated mission was "to become the cradle of a new European sonic community… a multimedia discotheque" that should "surprise and delight" artists and dancers alike. For all the wide-eyed optimism of its manifesto, however, the enterprise was never unknowing in its flirtation with disaster and self-destruction. The brilliant Czech may have made his millions as the midas-touched entrepreneur/taste-maker behind Paris-based magazine Otium International, but Endless House was always a vanity project as irredeemably vain as its maker…’

Released 02 April 2011