Nuggets 267 – LoFi And Smeary

Nuggets 267 - LoFi & Smeary

Last year I saw the wonderful Purple Pilgrims playing with Gary War. They sounded ethereal, heavenly creatures from another world (actually Christchurch via Hong Kong ). Gary War in contrast was messy, harsh electronica. They share an EP (see above pic). After the gig I started this mix.

Purple Pilgrims played last week at St Kevin’s Arcade here in Auckland as part of the May day celebration.  Again a real treat and I was inspired to finish this mix.

Great gigs and those willing to spend $8 can see them back in Auckland this coming weekend playing with Avoid!Avoid at the Whammy Backbar. See you there. (click on the image below for ticket info)

Avoid!Avoid, Gary War and Purple Pilgrims

Gary War

Fat White Family

Gauntlet Hair

I like this band’s Josef K vibe. Looking for a live vid. In the meantime, this …


Again I can’t find a copy of this song played live so instead…

Buy their music here.

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Big fan. She has recently left her country roots and has gone grungy.

No vid so …

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

No vid..

Buy them here

Amen Dunes

At last.

Buy Love here

Vigo Rising

Cough Cool

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Nuggets 250 – Morning Voices 12

Nuggets 250 - Morning Voices 12

An early morning mix; mellow, haunting and occasionally twee.

For those curious about the Carpenters track that rounds off this mix, read more here.

Here’s some videos.

Jenny O. Automechanic.

Cate le BonHollow Trees House Hounds. Give her a big hand, she’s Welsh!

CocoRosieEnd of Time. Totally bonkers. Many reviewer give the Casady sisters a D- but they have their supporters.  I like them fine.

The LuyasFifty / Fifty

WaxahatcheeSwan Dive. Katie Crutchfield is all grown up now, so I suppose there won’t be so much screaming, which is a shame.

WidowspeakBallad of the Golden Hour

LowSo Blue

Ariel Pink – Only in Dreams. Crazy but good. He has a few demons.

Angel Olsen. She can sing and yoddle at the same time. No mean feat. I am impressed by how quiet the crowd is in this clip of her singing.

Portland Cello Project attempt a track from Beck’s sheet music release.

Acid House KingsUnder Water. The Supremes meet Kraftwerk

Youth LagoonRasberry Cane. Bedroom keyboard mystro made good. Saw him at SXSW2012, it looks like he made it back this year.

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