Nuggets 156 – LoFi

Nuggets 156 - LoFi

Starts quiet, turns noodling then wall of sound.

Nuggets 156, a mellow mix that hots up towards the end. This is one of my favourite mix’s of recent times, I love the Real Estate and Real Estate-esque run towards the middle, and the wall of sound tracks starting with Big Troubles at the end. The live version of ‘living in america’ is fab, MGMT is just so last week.

The CD cover has Bowie looking dapper.  The thin white duke was snapped in Rochester, New York following the singer’s March 1976 arrest on a pot possession charge. Bowie, 29 at the time, was nabbed along with Iggy Pop and two other co-defendants at a Rochester hotel following a Saturday concert. Bowie was held in the Monroe County jail for a few hours before being released. The Rochester Police Department mug shot was taken three days after Bowie’s arrest, when the performer appeared at City Court for arraignment. See the video below for what happened next….

1) Hit after Hit (Earth Girl Helen Brown) Fake 60’s music. 2) Lord Knows Best (Dirty Beaches) Roy Orbison meets Suicide 3) Slave exchange (Lil Daggers) 4) Baby Don’t You Cry (Fergus & Geronimo) 5) Whatevering (Coma Cinema) 6) Elephant (Vulpes) Galaxy 500 / Real Estate-esque band from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas – get more of their tracks here. 7) Art Fandelet (live in studio) (Real Estate) Here is RE live; when will they come to town? 8) Dance With Me (Demo) (Man The Hunter) Evan Doering from Ann Arbor, Michigan. New to me, good guitar vibe. 9) One Fell Swoop (orig. Chris Knox) (The Calorifer Is Very Hot!) Indie Italian band cover our own Chris Knox. 10) Dolphins (Swimsuit) 11) Autumn (Surf City) A Nu Zeeland band at last. Excellent track, their whole album is good. Touring the US at the moment. Hope they can last the distance. 12) No Future (Speculator) Fun cut up of tv and video games. 13) Kimberly (Junior Low) Shoegazey stuff from Weed Diamond’s guitarist Justin Schweitzer. Japandroids’-esque. 14) Strawberry Dreams (The Numerators) Jungle / Psychedelic / Punk says their myspace page. 15) Old Street (Cloud Nothings) So young, so talented. 16) Sucker Punch (Coma Cinema) LoFi bliss. 17) Maybe Tonight (Demo) (Vulpes) 18) Older Brother (Pepper Rabbit) At last – Banjo’s!!!! Beirut-esque 19) Bite Yr Tongue (Big Troubles) 20) Alright (Sha-La-La) (Burnt Ones) Sound like T-Rex in a good way. 21) Throw Aggi From The Bridge (orig. Black Tambourine) (Dum Dum Girls) Metally noise, wonderful. Great cover. 22) Travelers (orig. Julian Lynch) (Arches) 23) Living In America (live in studio) (DOM) Anthemic rock.

[youtube][/youtube] Iggy taught me my best dance moves…