Nuggets 210 – Driving Electro

“….you will drive, to the south…”

This was the soundtrack to my recent trip down south for my lovely aunt’s funeral.

20 similar tracks to follow including some more from Motorama, a post everything band from Russia..

Nuggets 210 - Driving Electro

Nuggets 210 – Driving Electro by Paul on Grooveshark

Below is my first attempt to use Spotify instead of Grooveshark to stream these tunes….There seems to be a few tracks missing.  While the the mix plays quite happily on my PC, out here in the wilds of the internet the selection is looking, well, spotty. Hmmm. Will investigate.

On my first attempt using Grooveshark it was able to find a few more tunes than offered by Spotify. The Grooveshark advantage is that (TaDaaa!)  you can upload tracks that are missing from your own collection. Problem is if the rights holder of the song(s) objects then Grooveshark will cut off your uploading ‘privileges’.


Weeeell, I upped the 7 missing tracks and the playlist is complete. Enjoy.

Nuggets 202- Driving Electro (Bass)

Liubov Popova Spatial Force Construction (1920-21).

Chunky, beaty and bassy – yeah, work that subwoofer.

Pic by Liubov Popova – Spatial Force Construction (1920-21).

Featuring Com Truise (and here), Future Islands, Soft KillLow Life (from an unreleased demo), Chevalier Avant Garde and others…

Music to come.

Nuggets 202 – Driving Electro (bass) by Paul on Grooveshark

Lowlife - The Black Sessions and Demos Uhh Uhh - EP Com Truise - Fairlight - Single Youth Lagoon - The Year Of Hibernation Sin Destino Food Pyramid - IIFuture Islands Chevalier Avant Garde


Future Islands from Splice Today on Vimeo.

soft kill com truise  Jan Hammer - Cocaine Cowboys  Chromatics - Night Drive Computer Magic Jan Hammer - The Complete Collection