Nuggets 257 – Chug Chug 6

Nuggets 257 - chug chug 6 

I have been waiting for Surf City to play locally for several months. Last time I looked they were somewhere in Europe on tour. However, a message on Facebook from the band let me know that they were coming to town, and I headed down to the Lucha Lounge to see them. The Lucha is a great venue, it’s small and has atmosphere. Good sets from Lizard of Oz and Wilberforces then it was time for Surf City. They seemed a bit rusty but soon got going. A bit more shoegazey and motorik than their last record outing. The crowd kept surging forward, threatening to knock the mikes over, but always a hand appeared to steady the mike as the crowd eased back. Very jolly and I enjoyed the new material. The new album is out about now. See the mix for one track, and the widget below for another…

The Lucha Lounge features pictures of masked Mexican wrestlers. I’m not into wrestling but the pictures are intriguing. El Santo features in the picture above. There is a documentary about him below. It’s MC’ed by a tragically hip Jonathon Ross.

Surf City song list

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Nuggets 242 – Chug chug 5

Nuggets 242 - chug chug 5

Nuggets 242 – Chug 5 by Paul on Grooveshark

‘Tis the night before Laneways. I am looking forward to seeing Tame Impala, Real Estate, A Place To Bury Strangers, Japandroids and Cloud Nothings. I am also hoping to hear some of the lesser known local bands at the start of the day. I have enjoyed the couple of songs I have heard from the Eversons,

Pissed off I didn’t make it to the Woods gig last week. They played mid week in the shittiest venue in town. Bugger.

Meantime, here is what I have listening to recently. Will pop up a playable playlist soon.

I have been really enjoying new releases by The Babies following on from the live sets I put up earlier,  the alt-country sound of Beachwood Sparks and tracks from Childhood.

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