Nuggets 228- Jangle Pop!

Nuggets 228 - Jangle Pop!

Holiday time. This mix has a VU, Flying Nun etc. vibe.

First, a Christmas clip from a B film I was watching other day, then Lawrence from Felt and Christopher Owens and Chet “JR” White of Girls talk about music.

There are no Felt tunes in this mix, but it works for me. The Michael Polnareff song that they refer to is below (it plays after the clip from the mix).

It’s ironic to hear Lawrence’s complaints about the travails of keeping band members on board. Shortly after this clip Owens pulled out of Girls. According to Wikipedia:

On July 1, 2012, Christopher Owens announced via his Twitter feed that he was leaving the band though he will continue to record music on his own.[23] Owens cited the band’s constantly shifting lineup as the reason for his departure, saying in an interview with Pitchfork Media: “[W]e were replacing members for every other tour; I didn’t feel like I had other people who were maturing alongside me. I counted out the amount of people that were in the band over the years. It was 21 — a giant amount of people. That’s feeling disappointed 21 times over.” The breaking point for Owens came when guitarist John Anderson, one of Owens’ closest friends, left the band.[24] Owens released his debut solo album Lysandre on January 15, 2013.[25] He followed this up with A New Testament in September 2014.

I have also included the trailer for Lawrence of Belgravia which I haven’t managed to see yet.

Music follows or try this link –

Nuggets 228 – Jangle Pop by Paul on Grooveshark

The Twerps

The Twerps – Another One (High Tide) from Michael Tan on Vimeo.

Ultimate Painting

Michael Polnareff

The Black Angels

Real Estate

Orca Orca


Sea Pinks

Los Craters

Cloud Nothings


Ciro Madd



Let’s Wrestle
I can’t find any copies of the song on the net nor any videos. Sad. This clip captures the vibe of the band.

The Mantles

The Mantles performs “Marbled Birds” at Cakeshop, NYC from on Vimeo.


The Pageants

Nuggets 257 – Chug Chug 6

Nuggets 257 - chug chug 6 

I have been waiting for Surf City to play locally for several months. Last time I looked they were somewhere in Europe on tour. However, a message on Facebook from the band let me know that they were coming to town, and I headed down to the Lucha Lounge to see them. The Lucha is a great venue, it’s small and has atmosphere. Good sets from Lizard of Oz and Wilberforces then it was time for Surf City. They seemed a bit rusty but soon got going. A bit more shoegazey and motorik than their last record outing. The crowd kept surging forward, threatening to knock the mikes over, but always a hand appeared to steady the mike as the crowd eased back. Very jolly and I enjoyed the new material. The new album is out about now. See the mix for one track, and the widget below for another…

The Lucha Lounge features pictures of masked Mexican wrestlers. I’m not into wrestling but the pictures are intriguing. El Santo features in the picture above. There is a documentary about him below. It’s MC’ed by a tragically hip Jonathon Ross.

Surf City song list