Nuggets 203 – Krautrock 3

Nuggets 203 - Krautrock 3


Nuggets 203 – Krautrock 3 by Paul on Grooveshark

More Kosmische than krautrock. Love the Kraftwerk cover by Jurado and Swift.

The songs towards the middle are pretty straight forward lockstep sequencers with the beats getting more chaotic towards the end.

I used to play around with electronic components and I recall setting up a series of oscillators and then linking them randomly. Sounded similar, looked like this (except there were more of them).

DIY ring oscillators

I fancy that these tracks were generated using old school ring modulators that look like this…

Conrad Schnitzler & friend

BTW, that’s  Conrad Schnitzler (from Kluster / Cluster) and he sounds like this…

I included tracks from two bands I saw at SXSW with Kosmische tendencies Lower Dens and The Men. The Men track is quite unlike their guitar shredding live set, whilst the Lower Dens sounded pretty similar live.

Lower Dens

Which reminds me, I have a day and a half of SXSW left to document. Next blog posting I promise…

Hype Machine HQ

Finally, here’s some Faust (because I can )