Nuggets 347 – Asleep on the Moon

In July 1969 I was 7. I pressed my nose up to our black and white Thorn TV to watch Apollo 11 land on the moon. After bouncing around in their bright white moon suits they retreated to the lunar lander, tidied things away, then slept. I remember thinking how odd it must have been to sleep so far away from home in that bleak place.

11 July 1969

12:54 a.m.– After checking with Mission Control to make sure all chores have been completed, experiments set up, and photographs taken, Aldrin starts back up the ladder to re-enter the LM.

1:09 a.m.– Armstrong joins Aldrin in the landing craft.

1:11 a.m.– The hatch is closed. The astronauts begin removing the portable life support systems on which they have depended for two hours and 47 minutes.

5 a.m.– Astronauts are told to go to sleep, after attending to final housekeeping details and answering a number of questions concerning the geology of the Moon.

On the 50th anniversary of that expedition I again thought about the astronauts sleeping on the moon. Here is my soundtrack to their uneasy slumber.

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Nuggets 282 – Driving Electro 13


There’s a lot of synthesisers in this mix.

Electronic bands can be cold and not very exciting in real life. Swaying behind a keyboard looking down while twiddling the knobs and buttons is not much of a show. William Doyle aka East India Youth manages to make great music and put on a show. As the music journo says in the interview below, all you need is charisma and a good suit, and he has both.

For the curious here is an explanation of how synthesisers work. Try and not be too distracted by the guy’s hair…

The cover pic is Delia Derbyshire, she was pre-synth but she got similar effects with tape and basic oscillators.


 Embrio – Miha Kralj – Andromeda

Yugoslavian fan of Jean-Michel Jarre.

Eos, The Dawn – Jonas Reinhardt – Music From The Tactile Dome

Here is a vid of him playing live. Not this song.


 Hasenheide – Dieter Moebius – Tonspuren

Cluster guy goes solo.

Sad to report that Mr Moebius has left this mortal coil. However, before going he performed a live soundtrack for a showing of Metropolis and here is an extract.

 Weltweit- Wolfgang Riechmann- Wunderbar

He only made one album, but what an album…

Wolfgang Riechmann started his musical career in 1966.
After playing in a school band with Michael Rother and Wolfgang Flür, later famous with Kraftwerk and Neu, he then became member of an other Düsseldorf (Germany) located band called “Streetmark” .
It was end of 1977 when Riechmann started working on his solo career.
The result was the LP “Wunderbar” which was released on SKY Records.
Unfortunately he did not experience the release.
In August 1978 Riechmann was killed – without any reason – by two drunk guys, who stabbed him to death.


Lessons Of Darkness (Apology) – Supreme Cuts  – Whispers In The Dark

Here is what they like live. Not this song.

I Want More – Can – Flow Motion

Can on the BBC in 1976. Fab.

Tunnels – Discoverer – Tunnels

“Discoverer is one of many aliases of Kansas City native Brandon Knocke”

Happiness Is A Warm Spacestation – Solar Bears – Supermigration

Excellent tune. The following video explains why it is unlikely I would go and see them if they came to town. C.f. East India Youth below.

Open Eye Signal – Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Betamaxx – Disaronno Brain Feed – Echo Shade – Echo Shade vs BetamaxxHeiße

betamaxx have a squelchy electronic vibe.  More of their music here.

Echo Shade can be found on Bandcamp.

Lippen – Cluster – Zuckerzeit

Awake – Tycho – Awake

Plush – Robot Science – Good Luck

Slowly – M83 – Slowly / Sitting

Holus-Bolus – Errors – Have Some Faith In Magic

Window – Dark Day – Window

After being active in DNA with Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori, Robin Crutchfield form the Dark Day in ’79 with Nina Canal (UT) and Nancy Arlen (Mars) then come into training Steven Brown, Peter Principle, Jarmusch, again Nina Canal and D.Rosembloom. In ’80 he released their first LP “Exterminating Angel” created together with Phil Kline and Barry Friar. They play at clubs like CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, Hurrah’s, Trax and M-80.
We are at the beginning of 1980, in full emergence of NO WAVE, a period that gave its highest artistic expression in all areas: painting-graphites (Basquiat), video art, cinema (Jarmusch, R. Kern, N. Zedd, Vivienne Dick etc) with a prevalence of films shot on super 8 and 16 mm and in the music that gave birth to groups that now are part of the story. DNA, Richard Hell, Mars, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Lydia Lunch, Contortions, Patty Smith, Debby Harry, Suicide, Bush Tetras, Foetus, Sonic Youth and many others. Crutchfield made a Dark, gloomy and cold music with an obsessive rhythm and a monotone voice. After a few singles released in ’82 and the second synthetic LP “The Window” with Bill Sack. In ’85 Crutchfield only owner of the group left the experiments to make medieval chamber music. In ’89 comes “Darkest Before Dawn” for Night Eve Production, his label. In 2003 he released a new CD “Strange Clockwork” (self-produced) but we are very far from the atmosphere of Exterminating Angel. Since then, nothing.


Glitter Recession – East India Youth – Total Strife Forever

Electronic music and performance.

Doctor Who Theme – Torpa – Doctor Who Theme

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