Nuggets 190a – Morning voices

It’s Sunday and yours truly is at the office. Here is a mix to get me to the end of my allotted tasks and back to my family (not to mention the tele for more footy).  I will find a picture later.

This mix is a combination of woozy dreamscape’y songs, slowcore and a jazz number. Love the slowcore sound of Bedhead (now playing as New Year).

eden ahbez was colourful. Perhaps the world’s first hippie he lived for a while under the one of L’s above Hollywood.

I have included versions of songs recorded as Daytrotter sessions. They are often more compelling than the slick versions available on CD’s. Wikipedia is spot on.

The process of attempting the perfect take, instead of months of overdubbing, combined with low pressure on the artists (it’s not a live performance in front of a crowd, and it’s not an album being recorded), causes the final product to be an honest representation of the band at the time in both a physical and musical sense.

Nuggets 190a - Morning Voices web

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