Nuggets 185c- UltraLoFi – bad girl

Part 3 of my noisy subterfuge to avoid making my 200th mix.

Die Jungen, Honeydrum and Dirty Beaches make noisy yet tuneful lofi. I hear Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly in their songs.

More from my favourite Aussies, Royal Headache, then two girl group covers with an ex Vivian Girl covering the Vivian Girls singing Where Do You Run To, School Knights do Runaway while The Feeling of Love, last seen Waiting for the Cheerleaders to get Drunk, investigate some seedy goings on in their town.

Patty Hearst features, probably the most famous stockholm syndrome sufferer of recent times.

What this post really needs is more hyperlinks – but instead, here is the music.

Nuggets 188c - LoFi bad girl