Nuggets 181 – Country + Western 7

Nuggets 181 - Country   Western 7


Loving Brother Pacific. Very tight playing in the big guitar alt country style. Visit Bandcamp to pick up their latest EP for free.

One of Charles Louvin’s last albums was called Charlie Louvin Sings Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs. This song wasn’t on the disk, but it ought to have been, a bloody tale of gynaecide. Its a song he used to sing with his brother, here Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy fills in. Nick Cave covered this song.

Jim Sullivan was abducted by aliens, but before he went, he made this album. His songs remind me of old film noir, run down motels and deserts. Hence the Glen Campbell track. See the video below.

Brown Rice do Neil Young with girly voices and tom tom drums. My guilty pleasure.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore sings Mack the knife like no other. This is from the soundtrack to French prison flick A Prophet that looks good. Gilmore was last seen in The Big Lebowski as a bowler named Smokey. I see that the The Psychedelic Furs covered the song, must track it down.

Lucinda Williams has a very distinctive voice, salty and sexy. I like the way her voice has changed over the years, getting sexier by the album. Here are 2 tracks from her second album, Happy Woman Blues (the first with her own songs) then 1 track from Essence, an album released 21 years later.

Gene Parsons is a mean banjo player. It reminds me of my year in Ohio in the 1980’s and banjo picking at Indian Summer festivals. Bill Murray is another banjo lover.

The picture is of Chief Running Rabbit of the Siksika Nation.

Nearly all tracks up…