Nuggets 283 – Zippers Down 7


Hello world. By request here is another mix.

I present ephemera from 1900 onwards, random sounds and songs that seem to work well together.

The star of the show is Huddie William Ledbetter (better known as “Lead Belly”), a man who gave the expression ‘larger than life’ meaning. Imprisoned several times for assault and murder, each time he made it out to continue his love of music. After being ‘discovered’ by musicologist – John Lomax – Leadbelly went on the road as his driver and guide to the deep south.

That is the short story, and long version is even more colourful. Why his life hasn’t been tuned into a splashy bio-pic is beyond me.

Lead Belly – Linin’ Track and Ain’t You Glad (The Blood Done Signed My Name)

The Byrds – Cowgirl In The Sand

I can’t find video of the Byrds performing the song, so you will have to make do with Neil Young.

Tom T. Hall – That’s How I Got to Memphis

Tom T. Hall was a fabulous story teller. This rather sad (and poorly recorded) video has him talking about the song.

Jerry Lee Lewis – Little Queenie

The song resonates of course because of his marriage to a young bride. It seems to have been a love match with the age disparity not remarkable for his time and place.

Derrell Felts – Too Much Lovin’ (Goin’ On)

too much lovin

The Growlers – Ol Rat Race


Merry Clayton – Southern Man

More Neil Young.


Pure X – Heaven


Josef K – Chance Meeting


Jennifer – I Am Waiting (orig. The Rolling Stones)


Toy Factory – Little Girl


Alice Swoboda – Potter’s Field

Alice Swoboda :: Potter’s Field

More conveniently found on one CD of the recent Eccentric Soul series, seek out The Tragar & Note Labels compilation.

Karen Lafferty – No Time For Jesus


Mouse & The TrapsA Public Execution


Melanie – Steppin


Janine – Does The Sun Still Shine


Ill Wind – Dark World

Alex Winston – Locomotive (2KHz session)


Violent Femmes – Kiss Off (demo)


Saint Rich – You Ain’t Worth The Night


Twin Peaks – Strawberry Smoothie

The Byrds but heavier.

together PANGEA – Why (Rollo Grady Sessions)


I Was A King – Step Aside


Twin Peaks – Stand in the Sand

Damien Jurado – Exit 353


Manfred Mann – Snakeskin Garter 


Nuggets 285 – Morning Tunes 17

Nuggets 285 - Morning Tunes


Here is a mix that I use to get me in the mood for the day. The mix features warm brass and sugary vocals.

First off is Whitney who are visiting Auckland next year for Laneways. Great breezy sound.  I like the woodsy video. I am reliably informed that they are all city dwellers. Talking of Laneways, Empire of the Sun would be an excellent headliner…
The Adam Cheng track is a personal favourite. This is taken from an early album before he became a megastar.



Benjamin Biolay, Christine and the Queens and Jacqueline Taïeb inject some je ne sais quoi into the mix, then there is a heavy nordic push from Ásgeir Trausti, First Aid Kit, Júníus Meyvant and Joel Alme.




Cambodian singers complete the mix along with some random American voices (Pure X, Nina Simone and Eddy Giles), two Australians,  Olympic Ayres and Empire of the Sun and a Canadian (Doug Hoyer).

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Not the right song but equally fab – those horns !