The Others Way Festival 2016

Great night out. 43 bands in 6 hours. I made it to 9. All good, not a dud amongst the bands that I saw.

Others Way gig guide

The downtown venues were not too far apart, the weather was mild and the beer cold. Reminded me of SXSW.

I posted some vids on the Facebook from my phone. I also shot a couple of videos.

I had the most fun with the Aussie band, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. I don’t usually make it to midnight on a Friday but very pleased I persevered.

Here’s two clips, first a great cover (I was expecting Benny & the Jets off a recent EP…), then a new track off their latest album.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Live it up (originally Mental as Anything)

Lots of love going out to the Twerps watching at the front of the audience.

PS, for those confused by the name, watch this (warning – terrible 80’s soundtrack and mullets).

They also played this track


David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights

David works really hard to make his music sound effortless.




Amelia Murray seamlessly makes the move from bedroom pop to the stage. Sweet slacker pop. She was so excited to be on stage. I have included the vid I watched before the gig, and her latest tune to listen to / buy.  Amelia was interviewed here by some American NZ music aficionados who lust after Chris Knox.



Love their dark, bassy sound.

Salad Boys

Christchurch’s finest.

Girls Pissing …

Last set of the night for yours truly. Quite a moving piece. Buy the music here.