Nuggets 227 – Chug Chug 3

Nuggets 227 - Chug chug 3

Broadcast was (is?) a Brit electro band with a sound similar to Stereolab  Sadly, lead singer Trish Keenan contracted Swine Flu while travelling back from a gig in Australia and died in 2011.

Boca Chica are a twang pop collective based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Hallie Pritts is the lead singer. Lots of beardy guys and I like her voice. Their latest album (Get Out of Sin City) is beautifully produced, a sonic joy. They ran a Kickstarter project and spent their money wisely. They have some free tracks over at one of their labels.

Floating Action aka Seth Kaufman & friends have been a regular feature in recent playlists, I enjoy his song writing and the general vibe. He has one album on Bandcamp with his current album available from his website.

The rest of the bands have featured on previous mixes…..

As you can see I am into this chug chug vibe and so there are more mixes on the way. Great tunes for driving around now that summer has arrived.

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