Here Comes [The] Summer – Doco

It’s wet and squally outside, i.e. spring, but summer can’t be far off.  Here comes summer!

The BBC has just released a doco on The Undertones. They even tracked down cousin Kevin. No Feargal Sharkey, but, shock, horror, he was only a ring-in as a singer anyway.

Was he ever part of the gang? "Probably not," says Bradley. "Which was probably very unfair on him. Because … he didn’t have any other friends. We needed a singer, and we sought out a singer, whereas we didn’t seek out anyone else in the band."

As with many good doco’s it has a great sense of time and place, here The Troubles and Derry

"The Clash would have killed to have come from Derry," says Bradley. Instead, they had to sing about "Sten guns in Knightsbridge".

Narrated by James Nesbit (good) with a bit too much Paul Morley.