SXSW 2012 – the vids

I took a shiny new camera to SXSW to take pictures. It also takes high quality videos. My enthusiasm for videoing the gigs faded over the week, mainly because it interfered with my enjoyment of the music. Another problem was that I shot the video at an insanely high resolution which chewed through memory cards and batteries. The high res files are also a bugger to view or to share.

Anyways, here is a very happy memory recorded on film, the Beach Fossils gig. I am a long time fan and was chuffed to track them down. After this gig I spoke with the singer, Dustin, and tried to find out where they were playing next. He said that they were playing every night but wasn’t sure where. I looked for them over the rest of the week, but never found out where they were gigging. Bugger.

Whoop, whoop, here we go…