What I’m watching tonight

Not the rugby sadly, we don’t have Sky. However, I was chuffed to find that Electrelane (and here) are touring again, and even better here is an excellent video of a recent gig from a French music festival (sounding a bit thinner and poppier than their live cd – Singles, B-Sides & Live). I particularly like the drumming, and as you can see from the video, the drummer is pretty and the cameraman seems to have fallen for her…  I also like the lead guitarist, she has a very straight, clean edge sound. Will they come and play down in NZ I wonder.

Low and  Mogwai amongst others also played.


Yesterday I was reflecting on the time (many years ago) when I spent a year in the US of A, Ohio actually. One thing I recall was the students I met that had already dropped out, slacking their way through high school and resigned never to go to university (the prerequisite to a ‘good’ job). I mixed in with all the cliques at the school because I was an outsider. I hung out with this group, if only because they had more beer and, occasionally, something stronger. They were also relaxed, had nothing to prove and were friendly to an out of towner like me.

Here is doco about a bunch of these misfits, its called American Juggalo, and it follows the self styled fans of Christian horrorcore metal rappers, The Insane Clown Posse. I only know of this band because one of their tracks was used to great effect in a scene from Solaris. Anyways, this doco does not dwell on the band, it’s about their followers.  Worth a watch to find out what happened to those young slackers I left behind.


Oh, and I also watched the Ig Noble awards. Odd academic humour.