Nuggets 123 – Country + Western

Nuggets 123 - Country + Western

Can I play with your gun?


This is going back aways. I emailed these comments around at the time…

1. Holy – Mariachi El Bronx – Mexican punks go back to their Mariachi roots to good effect

2. Mucho Mongo – The Walkmen – nuff said, love these guys, here performing a MexTex standard.

3. With You – Seapony – loopy and fun. Get more from

4. Can’t Hardly Wait – Justin Townes Earle – yes I have featured this song before, but last time it was a live cut, here is the studio version.

5. Only as the Day Is Long – Sera Cahoone

6. Gotta Cheer Up – Cotton Jones

7. Out Like Bats – Tu Fawning – Love their sound. Buy their music at

8. Bricks of our Home – The Cave Singers. 2nd outing on a mix. Alt country

9. Lone Star – Mirah – loopy yet infectious song.

10. Dust Me Off – Tilly and the Wall – tap dancing and vocorder – fun. Came to Auckland last year in the silly season (late December)

11 By the Dethbridge in Lethbridge we’ll make it out someday – The Rural Alberta Advantage – I thought this band was a bit gimmicky, but the Walkman-esque next track made me give them a second look.

12. Sleep All Day – The Rural Alberta Advantage

13. Louisiana – The Walkmen

14. Suerte – Jóvenes y Sexes – was to be a treat on my 2nd Mexican compilation, but moved it here as it fitted in – LoFi chanteuse and guy with big hair.

15. Bride and Groom Hot Air Balloon Hop Along, Queen Ansleis – more loopiness – oddly engaging as a wedding takes a turn for the worse.

16. As You Wish – Aqueduct – if they made Saw into a musical, this would be perfect for the soundtrack.

17. Spring Jam – Alex Bleeker and The Freaks – the man – Mr Low Fi himself (plays in Real Estate, mates with the guy who is Ducktales etc) here jamming with his friends.

18. Time Wastin’ Woman – The Frowning Clowns – rockabilly

19. Go East Le Loup – OK – it should be go West but this will have to do.

20. On the Low – Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions – can’t get enough of her voice.

21. Strange Love – Sonny and the Sunsets – punky alt guitar

22. Wide eyes – Local Natives – tuneful as hell

23. Take Me As I Am – Au Revoir Simone – Not French but American.